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Theme Thursday time! Last week we enjoyed the Violet theme made by Kadesha, and this week we have another brand new free theme for you. The theme is called ‘Summer’, which is made by my lovely team member Ivana.

‘Summer’ is suppose to give you summer vibes by using fresh and lively colors and images. We hope ‘Summer’ is a webinar theme you can use, and of course adjust the elements and styling to your own needs if necessary!

How it works

Before you can use the webinar theme, you will need to follow these few steps. First, download the theme by clicking the link below:

—> Click here to download the free Summer webinar theme 

After downloading, unzip the file. The ‘.json’ file is the webinar theme file.

After you have unzipped the downloaded file, edit the webinar on which you want to use the theme with. Scroll down to the webinar settings, and look for the ‘import/export’ tab. Click on the import button and select the theme file. It will take a few seconds before the file is imported.

import and export tab arrow

Be aware: The webinar theme file is not a regular WordPress theme file, but specific for use within WP WebinarSystem Pro. Don’t see the import/export tab in your webinar settings? Then you aren’t using WP WebinarSystem Pro, but our lite version. Make sure to buy a license for WP WebinarSystem Pro to make use of all the extra functionalities and webinar themes.

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Have fun with the theme and let us know what kind of theme you would like to see next!

Cheers to awesome Themes!


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